5 Ways You Can Prepare for Digital Youth Night

Tonight is our first ever Digital Youth Night! Here are five ways you can get ready for tonight:

1. Get your pregame snackage on. Monday nights are for pizza, right? So grab your favorite oven pizza and a cold soda or sparkling water right before you sit down to watch the YouTube video.

Yes, there are other respectable pizza-like choices, too. (We see you Bagel Bites and Pizza Rolls!) But doesn't this look delicious?

2. Come prepared. Bring a physical copy of your Bible, your journal, a pen, and whatever else you may find useful. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Set up a free Zoom account.

3. Find your own space (especially for Groups). Share with your parents/guardians that, if possible, we are requesting students be in their own spaces/room for Groups.

Because Groups are a place where students ought to feel safe to share about what’s going on in their lives, it would be helpful for students to know that those who are on their Zoom call are the only people who are listening to their conversation.

4. Be present. When participating in tonight, be there. This means that our phones are put away (maybe even in another room unless you're using your phone for YouTube and/or Zoom). This means that when someone else in your Group is talking, you respect them by quietly listen. (I recommend making digital eye contact; aka look at the camera. It’ll help us all feel more connected and less like we’re on a Zoom call.)

5. Pray and give grace. Pray for yourself. Pray for us. Pray for your leaders. Pray for me (Tyler). We've never created videos nor have we spoken into a camera much. Give grace to us all as we learn how to gather in this new and exciting way.

See you tonight, folks!

6:30pm on somaeastsideyouth.org