Groups Night (04.13.20)

Tonight is Groups Night!

We begin gathering digitally at 07:00pm.

Here's how tonight will look: Every Group is meeting via Zoom for fun games and conversation. (Major snackage strongly encouraged!) You're more than welcome to invite a friend, too!

If you have any questions about how to connect with your Groups Leader/s, text Tyler Saldaña at 425.395.0003. If you're not sure what Group you're in, here's how we're splitting up for tonight:

High School


11th & 12th

Kim Janous & Annie Singletary

Zoom Meeting ID: 622-318-2528

9th & 10th

Anessa Mades& Bethany White

Zoom Meeting ID: 264-617-8624


Luke Berwick, Zach Martinez, & Brian McNeilly

Zoom Meeting ID: 362-434-0081

Password: SEY

Middle School


Group A

Steph Baumgartner & Heather Gust

Zoom Meeting ID: 637-270-1284

Password: 105727

Group B

Megan Graff & Erin Saldaña

Zoom Meeting ID: 788-0095-7342


Brooks Baumgartner, Jeffrey Craig, & Bryan Graff

Zoom Meeting ID: 487-278-2437

Thank you for joining us for Groups Night.

Be sure to the Weekly Video Challenge. Last week's deadline was extended to April 15th at 8pm!

Also, utilize the Student Take-Home Sheet from last week's Digital Youth Night.

Join us next Monday night for Digital Youth Night.

Same time.

Same place.

Love you, folks!