Video Challenge

Last week's video challenge submissions were fantastic!

By popular vote, we had our first ever tie. Krista Mainard and Micah Mainard: you are this week's winners!

We will connect with you on Monday, May 11th to ensure your prize is delivered on time.


This week's Video Challenge is to film yourself making a trick shot. (Note: jumping through a ring of fire is dangerous and not recommended at all.)

This can involve many people shooting varying sports balls/objects (i.e. a basketball, a rolled up pair of tube socks, a crumpled up piece of paper, etc) into varying baskets (i.e. hoops, buckets, trash cans, etc).

Contestants will be judged purely by how awesome their shot is.

(Maybe people who shout, "Kobe!" while shooting said shot will be looked at more positively than other submissions. Maybe...)

Here are the guidelines:

1. The video must be brand new. (As in filmed after reading this. Don't submit an old video.)

2. The video cannot be shared until after Digital Youth Night. If you send it to other people before Monday night, you will be disqualified.

3. The video can be sent to Tyler's cell phone (425.395.0003) or to by 08:00PM on Saturday, May 9, with the subject "VC." (Remember: you may need to use Google Drive because the file will likely be large.)

4. Leaders can play, too.

5. Please don't submit a video unless your parents/guardians are okay with your video possibly being posted on our public YouTube channel.

Blow us away, folks!

Regarding our Weekly Video Challenge:

Each week, we'll post a challenge for you to record by whatever means necessary. (Keep it legal, please). When you're done, you will submit them via email. (If you need to, send it via Google Drive.) On Monday nights, we will share the best clips during Digital Youth Night and name the winner. The prize for the winner will be a meal of their choice from a local restaurant of their choice* the following Monday night directly before Digital Youth Night.

* subject to availability and Tyler's choice of options